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My moment with the women who inspire me most…..ASF2013 


Oxygen Magazine is my favorite women’s fitness magazine for many reasons:

1.     It’s void of flab - I can figure out how to get clear skin in 7 days and I don’t need help choosing a hair spray #Iaintgottimeforthat - Oxygen sticks to what I need - workouts, meal plans, fitness industry coverage.

2.     The recipes - whether I use them in their entirety or inspiration for my own creations - these help this foodie enjoy every meal every day! 

3.     The Tough Love - you won’t get abs in 7 days with an exercise or a miracle diet. They clearly demonstrate that it takes months of clean eating and tough training to get the physiques that grace their pages. It’s a lifestyle commitment; either you do it or you don’t

4.     No Ho Hum Workouts - whether you train in home, at a gym, or with a trainer - this magazine can help you out. Every month they feature a fabulous body part and provide the science behind how to successfully build the muscle and lose body fat surrounding it.

5.     THE SISTERS IN IRON! - The models in Oxygen are rarely celebrities. The gym is their runway, and when asked what they’re wearing most will respond with lulus & nikes. Women can relate to these mothers, sisters, & friends. They help us see that the commitment to the lifestyle is worth every drop of sweat and every sunday meal prep day.


I’ve been reading this magazine since 2007 religiously. Copies are strewn about my life - in my gym bag, in my car, on my desk, beside my bed etc. If you are serious about women’s fitness or getting involved in the industry and you are not reading this publication….

Get out from under your rock <——  Tough Love Bob’s words; not mine


After getting my photos back from my Sunday shoot with LHGFX Photography - - SUBMISSION IS MY #1 goal - I want to grace the pages as a recipe developer, fitness model, future of fitness girl, or contributing writer - here goes everything! 

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