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Sometimes your routine needs a flip!! Had a week of non-traditional training for me while traveling. Only 2 days of lifting in the gym but I got in a spin class and an awesome bike ride. It was great to break out of my routine! Exercise is the best medicine and it was extra special to have a workout partner too!
Heading home now!
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Last #wcw but definitely not least is my Jamaican bombshell @sandymlee. Her becoming a part of #TEAMSLICE is one of my favorite stories. She watched me compete at FitSciences in Atlanta a year ago and she noticed little ole me and sought me out for coaching through social media. Sure communication to someone in another country was challenging - had to teach me the ways of whatsapp 😁 but she always responded to emails and sent me posing videos on the reg! Loved those! She was always positive and uplifting to even me when I was struggling through my new roles with work etc….and I was suppose to be coaching her 😱 but that just explains this girls heart and character! She brings this team together and uplifts everyone! And does it all (with that gorgeous smile) through those small messages on social media 🍊🍊
OH and enough sappiness let’s talk hardware - girl took home 2nd in Novice and 4th in the open at her first show, SNBF Atlanta 👏👏 boom! Now time to hang up the bikini for a bit and get ready for that wedding gown!💍

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More #wcw 💕🙌💕 miss @shaneeleighp is another Georgia girl! Who lives in my college town!! And trains in my old stomping grounds! Since day one we have had so much in common and a crazy connection. She was always honest with me about everything through her prep and that made me appreciate her as a client even more! She competed in her first show at the SNBF Atlanta and rocked it! Her transformation is unreal! I mean look at that sass and smile - she’s adorbs 😎 this girl has legs for days and I know her potential is beyond what she can see - but I do 😜 and I can’t wait to help her bring even more to her second show….maybe she will even give some FAP shows a shot (a coach can only hope…) You’re the bomb girl!
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Another #wcw goes out to the amazing @nayfit520. She competed in the NPC Natural Indiana this past weekend and took first in her class. Coming off of the Arnold Stage right into another show proves this woman’s drive! She’s unstoppable! After moving into a new home, changing jobs and being a mother to an adorable boy she manages everything and still chases her dreams! gotta love that passion! So proud of you!
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My apologies in advance for spamming your IG feeds but my #wcw is going to all my #TEAMSLICE ladies who competed this weekend.
Danessa rocked the stage at the NPC Natural Indiana and I can’t wait to see what’s next for this one! Her transformation was impressive and she killed all her meal prep and training schedules like a champ! Lost total of 16lbs but she changed her entire physique proof that shape and muscle mean more than what a scale says! 💪💪👏👏
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